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Sanctuary ;  a sacred place/refuge

Home ; a place where you can feel comfort, safe and cared for/a spiritual home where you can connect back to where you belong

Healing ; to make healthy, whole, or feel better/to soothe, calm and restore purity

Sanctuary Home Healing is a therapeutic space where you can escape from the outside world and experience a healing session for your soul, with a holistic treatment in beautiful serene surroundings.  

Wherever you are on your healing journey, you can be assured of a high standard of professionalism, combined with a genuine caring manner from Heather. Whether you are feeling stressed, tense or overwhelmed, or simply need time-out to focus on you, Heather's aim is to ensure you leave with a more relaxed body, a calm mind, balanced emotions and a feeling of being more connected with your soul. 

Heather's aim, in creating Sanctuary Home Healing was to manifest the perfect healing space that oozed peace and tranquility, with a bit of opulence and luxury thrown in, because she wants you all to feel like the Goddesses that you are! All you need to do is find that precious 'you time' and allow yourself that time to heal.

You will be welcomed into a beautiful restorative space (pic below) where you can rejuvenate from the stressors of the outside world. Earthy colours will help ground you and re-balance you - greens, deep blues and dark brown are symbolic of stability and Mother Earth and will help you feel nurtured. Relaxing music will be played (unless silence is preferred) to help your mind to quieten.  An aromatherapy diffuser sends out soothing fragrance aromas to invoke a feeling of relaxation. Warm lights, candles and crystals will help create a therapeutic environment to help you heal on all levels.

The room is cleansed energetically on a daily basis and after each client, with Tibetan bells and incense. This ensures you are entering a purified space which has a neutral energy. Heather only offers 2/3 appointments per day, so you can also be assured you are entering a space with minimal clients each day. Some of you may find this reassuring with regards to health and hygiene. 

Monday: 10am to 8pm
Tuesday: 10am to 8pm
Wednesday: 10am to 8pm
Thursday: 10am to 5pm
Friday: 10am to 4pm
Saturday: 10am to 1pm

Heather also now welcomes children for holistic treatments and relaxation therapy sessions. Please take a look at

"Everything heals. Your body heals. Your heart heals. The mind heals. Wounds heal. Your soul repairs itself." Buddha


Heather is now offering treatments in her own 'Sanctuary' at her home in Portsmouth.


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