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"We cannot solve the problems we have created with the same thinking that created them." Albert Einstein

What is E.F.T?

As little known as it is, E.F.T (commonly referred to as 'Tapping') is one of the most compelling therapies to be developed due to the speed at which it allows people to heal and create long-lasting life changes. Functionally it looks like a synthesis of acupressure and breathwork combined with talking about aspects of the problem or goal with the therapist's guidance. It was derived from a therapy called Thought Field Therapy (a type of psychological acupressure) and works by tapping on meridian points, which are acupressure points derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Emotional Freedom Techniques (E.F.T)

What can it help with?

E.F.T can help with a wide variety of problems and has been found to be an effective and accessible tool in dealing with issues such as:

  • stress, anxiety, depression, negative thinking patterns
  • fears and phobias
  • shock and trauma
  • mental blocks - such as public speaking, confidence, self-esteem
  • physical, mental and emotional pain
  • weight loss and bad eating habits

How many sessions will I need to have?

The results are very quick and clients can consciously track their emotion changing within the session. Some clients notice a big change after a few sessions. Generally it tends to be a lot quicker than traditional forms of counselling. We aim to get to the root cause of the blocked energy within the first session and then tap out the disrupted energy over subsequent sessions. Sometimes other old negative emotions will appear too, which can also be tapped out of your system. 

Emotional Freedom Techniques (E.F.T)

What happens in a session?

The first session is a 90 minute session and consists mostly of a detailed consultation so that we can discover what the problem is, where it stems from and the thoughts and feelings surrounding it. This session is the only one where we will be talking a lot! If you feel uncomfortable talking extensively about your problem, please be assured that the subsequent sessions will be more pro-active in actually tapping out the negative emotions. Please also know that I have a very gentle manner and have been trained in Counselling Skills so the session is as unobtrusive as possible with regards to sharing details and potentially uncomfortable memories or thoughts. 

In the next session, I will ask your permission to gently tap on you (mostly around the face and hands) whilst you are guided to release negative emotions and thoughts. We use a scale to determine the intensity of how the emotion feels and we aim to tap it down to zero so it no longer affects you. The aim is not to change the event or the situation that is causing us the emotional, mental or physical pain, because that is impossible! The key is to change the way we FEEL about the event. 

I will also teach you how to tap on these points for your own personal use. Tapping is a great daily way of activating your meridian pathways and ensure energy or 'chi' is flowing throughout your body for your optimal health. It can also be used alongside positive affirmations to increase the effectiveness of them. And it is a quick way to deal with everyday feelings of anxiety, stress and negative thought patterns. 

At the end of each session, I guide you through a short guided grounding meditation, so you leave feeling balanced and calm. 

How much does it cost?

The cost of the first session is £65 for 90 minutes. Subsequent sessions are £45 for 1 hour. 

If you wish to combine E.F.T with another therapy, this is always an option and it can sometimes be quite nice to have a relaxing Holistic Therapy after an E.F.T session. Please just ask for more details.

If you have been stuck for some time with certain negative aspects in your life, E.F.T can help you achieve positive long-lasting results. Whether they are memories related to shock or trauma, or you wish to have more control over your thoughts, or you want to let go of old habits and patterns or just want to feel less stressed and anxious, E.F.T is a powerful tool to help you move forward and feel free of what has been holding you back. 


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