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High quality treatments tailored to suit mums' needs - Massage is a wonderful, natural way to increase your wellbeing and relieve tired and aching arms, backs and shoulders; muscles often over-used by being a mum. Reflexology can increase your energy levels by clearing out toxins and could help with sleep problems, if your mind is too busy to switch off. Reiki can be very healing for mums who need to escape from the world and for any deep healing and transformation.

The additional benefits of holistic treatments for mums also include:

  • may help with post-natal depression and anxiety
  • keeps mum calm and when mum is calm, the children feel calm!
  • releases endorphins for a natural, feel good pick-me-up
  • improves sleep quality
  • improves circulation, thus increasing energy levels
  • can help with headaches and neck tension
  • boosts immune system
  • regulates hormones
  • provides emotional support and physical nurturing
  • reduces stress levels

Warm, friendly and professional service from a mum of 3 - I am fully aware of all kinds of challenges, we as parents, face. I have, like all of you, experienced the real highs of being a mum; the laughter, the joy, the constant chaos and the lows of motherhood; the tiredness, the guilt, the constant worry of 'am I making the best decision here?'. I have learnt from mistakes, listened to too much advice and lost lots of sleep being a stay-at-home mum to my 3 lovely children, Jude (12), Saffron (9) and Lawson (4). The one thing I learnt is that it is important to listen to your body, do what you can to keep your own energy levels up, have some time for yourself and honour what is important to you. For me, I chose the attachment parenting approach; breastfeeding, sling-wearing and co-sleeping, but that was just what fitted with our family. I understand the need for all mums to do what is right for their own situation and empathise with each and every mum, knowing that we all have the same goal; to lovingly guide, support and nourish our children to the best of our ability. I have had 10 years experience as a therapist alongside being a stay-at-home mum and I hope that you feel nurtured, soothed and relaxed after a treatment with me.

A spa-like environment in the comfort of your own home - Invite your mummy friends (and the children of course!) to your home, I will set up in a different room and you can all take turns minding the little ones, whilst each mum can escape for half an hour of relaxation and healing. I will create a warm, relaxing, spa-like environment with a heated massage table, calming music and incense. I use a beautiful range of natural massage waxes with essential oils and you can choose, depending on your mood, from Citrus, Lavender, Exotic Nights or Women's Blend (great for hormones!).

Great price - I am aware that we put ourselves to the bottom of the pile, as mums, and hope that my price is affordable for all, at £20 for 30 minutes. This can be spilt into two 15 minute treatments if mum needs to get back to baby!  To show my appreciation to the host mummy, she will get a FREE 30 minute treament. To make it worth my while, I ask that that the minimum booking is for 4 treatments (not including host).


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